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Maintenance Service

With FastWebServer's CartXpress shopping cart, besides complete installation we provide…

Customization of shopping cart.
Administration of shopping cart.
Web publishing and promotion.
Setup additional services.
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Credit Card Gateways

VeriSign - the
Value of Trust VeriSign PayFlow Pro and PayFlow Link

The VeriSign PayFlow Pro and PayFlow Link systems are highly secure, and universally recognized credit card processing gateways. Processing Credit Cards online is much more attractive to your customers when it is through a name as trusted as VeriSign. PayFlow Pro and PayFlow link can proccess transactions in both US and Canadian Dollars, and can easily be integrated into your existing Web Hosting Package.

PayFlow Pro (SM) is a completely customizable payment processing solution and is recommended for merchants who require peak site performance and direct control over payment functionality on their Web site. Payflow Pro also allows you to process orders received offline (via telephone, fax, e-mail or in person) using a virtual terminal. The Payflow Pro client is available as a software download that includes a software development kit for simple API integration. The client is also integrated with most major shopping cart software.

Payflow Link (SM) is a service designed for merchants who require a simple solution for accepting payments on the Web. The Payflow Link service is a hosted order form service that allows your customer to securely input their credit card information. To use Payflow Link, you only need to add a small piece of HTML code to your Web site that will link a customer from your site to the order forms hosted by VeriSign. Payflow Link offers you a simple package for payment processing, including credit cards and electronic check processing functionality as well as offline order processing. The Payflow Link service works with most major shopping cart software.

VeriSign PayFlow Pricing:
  PayFlow Pro PayFlow Link
Setup: $100 USD ($140 CAD) $100 USD ($140 CAD)
Monthly: $55 USD ($75 CAD) $30 USD ($40 CAD)


Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

The payment gateway provides global payment solutions enabling you to process credit card and electronic check transactions world wide. Please note that payment gateway can only be used to process US Dollar transactions. provides a virtual terminal where you can authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions from any computer with a connection to the internet. The payment gateway can be integrated into your ecommerce website to automate credit card transactions directly. Pricing: Payment Gateway
Setup: $100 USD ($140 CAD)
Monthly: $25 USD ($35 CAD)

Payment Gateway


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 Secure Server Certificates

GeoTrust Secure Certificates

Transferring information securely over the internet is the key to the e-commerce revolution. Our hosting packages enable you to install an SSL secure server certificate for collecting and processing credit card and other sensitive information. SSL provides "closed lock" security to ensure online visitors that their personal information - including credit card account numbers - is being transmitted securely between their browser and the web server. This means their data can't be viewed, intercepted, or altered.

FastWebServer provides 3 levels of secure server certificates through GeoTrust. Enabling secure e-commerce transactions, identity verification and authentication services to the global web community, GeoTrust delivers a new level of e-business security and confidence - an important step toward leveraging the full business potential of the Internet.


The leading low-cost solution offering true 128-bit SSL encryption with identity authentication and 98% browser compatibility available in just 10 minutes!

QuickSSL utilizes an authentication method that is patent-pending technology created by GeoTrust. It incorporates the most advanced automated authentication system in the industry. QuickSSL certificates are only issued to fully authorized recipients. QuickSSL provides peace of mind for less than what you would normally pay for other SSL solutions.

   1 Year - $100 ($140 CAD)
   2 Year - $180 ($252 CAD)
   3 Year - $240 ($336 CAD)

A QuickSSL certificate can be installed through the "Secure Server" section of your Control Panel, or you may order it directly from this website. You must already have a FastWebServer hosting plan, or sign up for one before purchasing a certificate.

Learn more about QuickSSL (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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QuickSSL certificate

QuickSSL Premium

QuickSSL Premium is a QuickSSL certificate plus a True Site™ security seal that offers a quick solution with advanced identity assurance technology.

If you want to provide your online visitors with more than an enabled "lock" within a browser, this may be the solution for you. With QuickSSL Premium, you can get all the benefits of QuickSSL with the added functionality of a True Site™ seal.

The GeoTrust True Site seal conveys that your customer takes online security seriously. This highly identifiable icon will appear on your website to reinforce that all personal and credit card account information can't be viewed, intercepted or altered.

QuickSSL Premium, True Site security seal

With QuickSSL Premium, you can easily offer a high level of online security that can quickly translate trust and confidence into revenue.

   1 Year - $140 ($196 CAD)
   2 Year - $250 ($350 CAD)
   3 Year - $330 ($462 CAD)

Click the button below to order your QuickSSL Premium certificate. You must already have a FastWebServer hosting plan, or sign up for one before purchasing a certificate.

Learn more about QuickSSL Premium (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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QuickSSL certificate

True BusinessID

True BusinessID™ - A premium SSL Certificate plus a True Site™ security seal designed to offer optimum authentication at the right price.

True BusinessID from GeoTrust offers premium online security. With True BusinessID, you receive full 128 bit encryption, 98% browser compatibility plus a True Site identity verification that is embedded with your company name, date and time stamp.

True BusinessID takes authentication one-step further. Online visitors can press the "click" icon on the True Site seal and view your full company profile and identity confirmation. In order to receive a True BusinessID, you must provide proof of organization. This assures the end-user that the organization claiming the secure transaction is actually who they say they are.

True BusinessID

This is the only digital certificate that combines state-of-the-art 128 bit encryption and identity verification in a single bundle.

With True BusinessID, you get premium online security ensuring that your online visitors have the most advanced security and fraud prevention technology available. Let peace of mind translate into increased revenues and satisfaction.

   1 Year - $160 ($224 CAD)
   2 Year - $300 ($420 CAD)
   3 Year - $390 ($546 CAD)

Click the button below to order your QuickSSL Premium certificate. You must already have a FastWebServer hosting plan, or sign up for one before purchasing a certificate.

Learn more about True BusinessID
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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QuickSSL certificate


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 Email Security
Secure Forms
The main reason for having a secure server is to encrypt the information that your website visitors enter in your forms before it is sent to the server. Our 128-bit SSL encryption is the highest level of encryption available for non-military or intelligence purposes. When a visitor to your website enters information on a secure form, that information is encrypted on their local machine. This encrypted information is then passed across the internet to our servers such that no unwanted "onlookers" can decypher it. Once the information arrives at our servers, it is decrypted and becomes usable by you. If you wish to have this information emailed or otherwise transferred to somewhere outside our servers, you must setup additional encryption (such as email encryption, SSH, or Secure FTP).

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
PGP is encryption for your e-mail. Using PGP, plain-text email messages containing sensitive information are encrypted before being sent. Only the intended receiver has the proper "key" for decrypting these messages. FastWebServer includes a PGPmail script with our control panel. Typically, an SSL connection is made between the client and the server using the SSL protocol (https://). The form is submitted and the encrypted data is sent to our server and decrypted. Next, PGPmail takes the plain text and encrypts it with your PGP public key and sends it off to you. This way, the text is encrypted by SSL, sent to the server, decrypted and then re-encrypted with PGP for transmission. Therefore, at no time during the submission process is your sensitive information transmitted in plain-text.

Password Protected Pages
Using our "Password Protect Directories" feature, you can restrict web access to your website or to specific pages and sections of it. This feature is very useful if you want to make a certain section of your website off-limits to the regular public such as an Employees section, a subscriber-only section, or just your own private area. With our easy to use Control Panel section, you can easily manage which pages are accessible by which passwords.

SSL Email
SSL Email provides 128-bit encryption for your emails. The SSL Email feature is an add-on for the hosting packages Pro2 and up. It provides you with a secure method to send credit card and other sensitive information via email. Instead of your email being plain text, SSL Email 128-bit encrypts your message before it is sent. If you would like to setup SSL Email on your Pro2 or above hosting plan, please contact us.


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Website Analytics system

Urchin Website Analytics
With the Urchin Website Analytics system, you get an incredibly comprehensive website statistics engine that will help you make the most of your traffic, and improve your ebusiness. Urchin is only available with our Linux Hosting Plans.
Click here to learn more..


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